GB7CIP Amateur Radio International Gateway.

Mail forwarding over AX25, NetRom, IP and SMTP  via HF PACTOR over
Amateur Radio Short Wave bands, VHF, UHF, amprnet wireless and internet links.

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G4APL MaintainedGB7CIP Forwarding (pdf)

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CatRad Caterham Radio Group
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This system is hosted by   Paul G4APL and Ann Lewis G7BSF

CatRad Events

Next Major Event

19 August 2018
Special Event Amateur Radio Station GX0SCR/P Report
Commemorating the 78th Kenley's Airfield Hardest Day
RAF Portcullis Club field Kenley Airfield
Have you Renewed Revalidated your Radio Amateur Licence in he past five years.
If not suggest that you do it by going to the Ofcom website.

Our Mission
CatRad Network Management team to encourage live contacts via the Amateur Radio data network.

CatRad Profile
CatRad Network Team have provided support and developed Amateur Radio packet network links and services for all Amateur Radio users since 1987.

Contact Information
Further information on Amateur Radio network issues contact Paul G4APL via the Email address below.